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Friday, December 26, 2003

long overdue

^^; Sorry, I've been meaning to update at least weekly, but with Christmas and all, I've been really busy. But I have GREAT NEWS! 2003 DID NOT PASS WITHOUT FIC! I present to you Things Pondered, Things Kept, a very fluffy, sappy, Shishido/Ohtori Christmas fic, and Sharing, a silly little MomoRyo drabble. I'm still amazed that I was actually able to write a Christmas fic in time for Christmas, even though it wasn't at all the one I was planning on writing.

In related news, since muse-chan finally pulled through with fic, I'm fulfilling my part of the deal and giving her a name: January. Why? Because she's a bi-polar, two-faced bitch. And mad props to everyone who doesn't need any more explanation on that.

I've also been busy making LJ icons, transliterating Eiji's singles One and I~jyan, and basically doing anything besides packing and getting ready to move. ^^; And being annoyed by the egos on certain TeniPuri fangirls, but I won't go into that rant now.

I think I'll go join some fanlistings.

Oishi thought of Eiji at 11:05 pm.

Sunday, December 7, 2003

the deal

So here's what's going on: The studio apartment I looked at kind of sucked, but it was the only affordable place I could find, so I put a deposit on it. Then, I found a potential roommate that I may actually get along with, with a much nicer apartment in a nicer area, and a cat. And even though I'll lose the deposit, it'll be much cheaper over the course of a year, so I threw over the other place and decided to go for the roommate, who shall hencefoth be known in blogland as "J". (His name has an unusual spelling, and I'm sure if I used it, he'd be able to find my blog pretty easily. And since I'll be ranting about him should he piss me off, I don't want that to happen. He already knows that I plan on turning his cat into a yaoi fangirl, so it's not as if the BL fixation is a problem.)

So I'll be moving at the end of the month. Since I'm really busy trying to get everything together, I'll be posting on my LiveJournal much more than here. It's just much easier. Once I get settled in with my new computer, I'm going to figure out how to consolidate this blog with my LJ. And after that, yes, I WILL update Ice Candy. I do have plans for it. And I must do something to combat the horror that the CCD fandom has lately become.

In case anyone's wondering, I think things are going better at work. There's still the thing about not getting paid nearly enough, but I am working on my attitude, which was not an unreasonable complaint. I also caught a potential problem, and made a suggestion which will probably be implemented. And the best part! In one more week, the "group leader" goes on vacation! No more bitch!

Oishi thought of Eiji at 12:26 am.